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Did you know that 44% of CFOs say that a bad hire negatively impacts the whole team’s morale? So, it is crucial to find the right people who not only get the job done, but also have the required soft skills. According to Edie Goldberg (founder of the Menlo Park), the total cost to hire a new employee can be three to four times the position’s salary. But there is a way to reduce these upfront recruitment costs (and shorten the required time to fill the talent gaps). We know that way very well – it’s staff augmentation. Our pros can be a great benefit for your company and your projects. Just talk to us. It’s as simple as that!

What is it exactly?

Staff augmentation is simply a solution that gives your company remarkable flexibility. You can upscale and downsize the team – depending on your current needs. We don’t like the term ‘outsourcing’ – we go far beyond that. It’s because we have dozens of experienced professionals, who have both the hard and the soft skills and can quickly fit in your teams, and immerse in your company’s working culture. You can use staff augmentation to fill a single talent gap, as well as to build up a full dedicated team – it’s up to you.

Why do you need it?

It all depends on the situation. A deadline is approaching, and you need to make a move to get things done fast? Cool, no worries. The project demands a sufficient top-notch expert (or experts) and you want to save resources? We got that. You already started a recruitment process, but there is no one who can meet your short-term needs? We also cover that. You see, it’s all about flexibility and having access to top tech talents. Our pros will help you in any case – we treat your business as our own. After all, it’s mutual benefit. We’re partners.

Why do you need it?

Save resources

By skipping the recruitment process

Access top talents

By leveraging our resources

Gain flexibility

By utilizing staff augmentation

Control budget

By hiring high-level pros instantly

Save resources

By skipping the recruitment process

Access top talents

By leveraging our resources

Gain flexibility

By utilizing staff augmentation

Control budget

By hiring high-level pros instantly

Key benefits of
staff augmentation




Experts at hand

Did you know that our pros have more combined experience than a lifetime of few people? We’re here for over a decade now, and we have dozens of successful commercial projects in our portfolio. And this means mobile applications, as well as web-based apps. We just know the tools of the trade in software development. Because we care about soft skills just as much as we care about the hard skills, our experts quickly immerse in your team and start to do their magic. The result is always the same – the projects shine like diamonds.


Reduced risk

Experience in the software development lifecycle could be worth its weight in gold, but as it’s not a physical thing, it’s just invaluable. Anyway, this means that each member of our staff knows exactly what to do – in terms of anticipating and avoiding unnecessary problems. This translates to a very pleasant situation – every project runs smoothly, even when some obstacles emerge along the way. So, briefly – you save time and money. It’s a win-win thing!


Flexible teams

We take ethics very seriously. For us, business is based on trust. So, just imagine – you got the right talent through the recruitment process, everything is just fine. And the situation changes in the middle of the project, you have to cut the operational costs. There’s a tough decision to make. With staff augmentation, this concern is gone – you just upscale and downsize the team, depending on your needs. Comfortable, isn’t it?


Full transparency

Clear communication is a solid foundation of successful cooperation. We know that. Thus, we provide full transparency – in terms of setting up a multichannel communication channels, constant reporting, and basically anything you require to feel comfortable. You see, our clients recommend us further. It’s because we deliver remarkable products and provide professional services. And it’s also due to the fact that we are fully transparent, always. We have the human-to-human approach.


Budget control

Hiring full-time professionals is related to significant costs. It’s just the way it works – one has to pay right for the skills, as well as cover other things – training, day-to-day operational things, bonuses, benefits, allowances. Well, the list just goes on. Sure, it’s a great thing to have a dedicated long-term staff member, who is happy and provides outstanding quality. But it’s also possible to have the same high quality for a fraction of these costs – with our staff augmentation services.

Project workflow of staff augmentation


First, we need to know what you require for your project. So, it all starts with an initial meeting where we will discuss these concerns. What exactly do we want to know? What are your business goals which we have to meet, what skills are crucial and how many developers will cover the work. Of course, that’s not all, as we always properly plan everything. We need to determine the number of obligatory working hours, know more about the team management area, specify timelines, as well as plan the budget. We will explain how our recruitment processes look like, and answer any questions you may have.

Cooperation model & prices

Since we have the very first step completed, it’s time to propose the most suitable cooperation model. Yes, we have different models (and prices vary too). We can go with one of three models, here are the details: hire devs from our own team (that means our employees), hire devs from our partner network (that means you have access to top-notch talents from over 200 software houses), hire external experts through dedicated recruitment process (that means we cover all the bases and find a pro for you). Oh, and in this stage we agree the hourly rates and team size – based on your needs.

Framework contract

You probably are used to the situation where you sign on a contract means that you have to pay. This is not the case. In this step, we will sign a framework agreement that guarantees the hourly rates accepted in the previous phase. The cool thing is you don’t have to pay for anything yet. Until you hire the big players from us, you are not obliged to anything. Why? Because trust and transparency are our core values. You will start spending your budget only after you decide to hire our experts. Now that is clear and honest communication and real partnership, isn’t it? Don’t worry and sleep well, we are the best business partners, and success is something we consider as mutual benefit.

Blind CVs

Picking the right people for the job can be easy – at least when you have the best candidates at hand. This is what happens in this step. We will send you the resumes of the most-fitting pros. All you need to do is to go through the CVs and select people you want to talk to during the interviews phase. No worries, we know what GDPR regulation is about, so the documents will not contain any personal data. What you need to choose from is skills – we cover the rest. Thanks to our unique approach, you can focus on completing a team that will get the job done. You’re welcome.

The interviews

We’re certain that there are candidates who grabbed your attention. Now it’s time to get to know them more and verify if they fit. This will be done through a conversation – also known as the interview. As always, we value time, so these interviews will be conducted remotely – via teleconference. So, take a seat, and in a comfortable condition start the evaluation of potential candidates. During the conversations, you will have the opportunity to check the technical skills, as well as language skills. Et voilà, you will proceed to pick the best fits for your project.


Since you have chosen the best players for your project, you can move on to the onboarding process. First, we will sign the contracts, and the pros will start to fulfill their duties. Now, success of your new project is just a matter of time – previously determined time, to be specific. Congratulations! You have the experienced talents on your side. Until the release of your new digital product, their skills are your allies. Of course, in case you need those professionals for longer, just ping us. We’re more than happy to support you anytime.

What you’ll get?

Top-notch talents, practically instantly. And these are the people, who have a lot of experience, soft & hard skills, as well as very decent portfolios. Our pros deliver world-class software – mobile apps and web apps. Custom software is what we do for a living, and since we are here (and we’re doing well) for over a decade – this means something. We can offer you software development experts with commercial experience who can be onboarded to your project in no time.

We can supplement your internal development team with additional resources including:

Mobile app developers
Android developers
Kotlin developers
iOS developers
Swift developers
Flutter developers
Web app developers

Vue.js developers
React developers
Back-end developers
Java developer
Python developers
Node.js developers
PHP developers

Full-stack developers
Top-class DevOps
Architects & Tech-leads
UX/UI designers & analysts
Cross functional teams
Anyone who can strengthen your team.

The point is – our staff augmentation services are here, so you can speed up your software development process, save money and time, as well as reduce the operational costs. Just ping us, we’re more than happy to help.

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