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The right pitch makes a difference – with a great one you have drastically higher chance to raise funding for your company. We know that, we’ve been there, we helped numerous companies. What you need is a compelling story, high-quality design, concise copy, as well as informative content. This way your pitch will invoke emotions and will be remembered by the investors. Let us help you communicate your vision and leave a lasting impact, so you get the money you need.

What is it exactly?

A pitch deck is a brief presentation that helps you tell a compelling story about your vision. This presentation helps potential investors learn more about your business. Usually, the pitch deck consists of several slides, and what you need to know is that it should be easy-to-follow. We know, it’s tempting to include plenty of important information (from your perspective), but the pitch deck should be short. Remember, the pitch deck is not about securing the funding, it’s about getting you to the next meeting.

Why do you need it?

It is a common thing that start-ups want to dump as much information as possible into a pitch deck. We understand that, and we also know that potential investors would like to see the idea that intrigues them. So, you need experts who can help you create a short and compelling pitch deck that grabs the attention and makes the clients or investors engage with your business. It may seem easy to effectively show off what your business has to offer, but it’s difficult to keep it simple and compelling at the same time. We’ve done that and we know what works.

Why do you need it?

Attractive design

To show your level of execution

Mesmerizing story

To grab and hold the attention

Concise copy

To make it easy-to-remember

Informative content

To address the investors’ questions

Attractive design

To show your level of execution

Mesmerizing story

To grab and hold the attention

Concise copy

To make it easy-to-remember

Informative content

To address the investors’ questions

Key elements of
Pitch Deck




Proper introduction

This is the step when you have to make the first impression – it’s a crucial step. It’s not only about telling the audience who you are and why you are there. It’s also about communicating the value proposition of your business. The point is, you have to keep it short and sweet – in one sentence. And that is a challenge – usually people get lost in the details. A clear and informative value proposition will intrigue your audience and make them want to hear more.


Problem identification

If you cannot articulate what problem your business idea solves – well, that’s a fail at the start. You need to address the issue that your target audience is facing. After all, your vision is to fill the market gap, right? This part is about identifying 2-3 concerns that your product will tackle, so you have to keep the text focused. Don’t worry, our pros will know how to make this short and clear.


Solution presentation

Time for showing your dedication and research skills to potential investors. What you need to avoid here is using grand statements. Don’t tell the audience that your business is the only one that can address the identified issues – most likely there are plenty of people around who know other companies that try to do the same thing. Focus on research, your commitment, and your capability in solving the concerns – and keep it simple. Worry not, we have experience in that.


Market opportunity

The force of numbers is a good way to demonstrate that you know what’s the market size and what are the opportunities. A rock-solid market graph is what you need, especially if you plan to operate in a small market. Without presenting the opportunity in measurable numbers, the potential investors might think that the potential ROI is not worth the effort or that the risk of funding your business is too high. Good news is that our experts know how to present numbers in the right way.


Product show-off

In this part, you can show off your mind-blowing idea – the product or service that is going to change the game. What exactly should be included here? If your product is a digital product, then you should add screenshots with its unique features. As the pitch deck should be concise, these features should address the identified problems and show the solutions. If your product is a physical thing, apart from highlighting the features, include professional photos. Not sure what to insert in this part? We’ll help.


Business traction

After you show off your product, it’s time to reduce the risk in the eyes of your potential investors. To accomplish that, you need to present clear indicators of your business growth tendencies, as well as the speed and acceleration of this growth. The best way to do that is to use numbers again. Include info about how many sales you’ve made, achieved major goals, and the next steps you plan to do. Briefly, you need to show that your business has what it takes to get the funds.


Your core team

Again, this part has to be short and neat. You just have to show the crucial team members to the potential investors. A suitable option is to add bullet points about each person (or just titles). The key is to present the drive of your core team – the investors are interested in why these people are essential for your project’s success. This part might be tricky, so it’s best to consult it with experienced players – namely, us. We’ll help you out.


Competition analysis

OF course, it’s not about just providing a list of your competitors. This one is about presenting that you did your homework and that you know what makes your business unique – in terms of why your idea offers more than others in the market. The point is that you need to show it on one slide, and it has to be super-precise and easy-to-follow. It can be difficult to visualize it in just one slide, but you don’t have to worry. This is bread and butter for our pros, so we will help you nail it.


Financial side

No, it’s definitely not a slide with boring spreadsheet. Because this will be the slide that the investors will focus on for longer, you have to play it smart here. Sure, it has to have info about your company’s projected growth over the next 3-5 years, as well as details about your business model and finances. Of course, most of the info is not actually an accurate prediction, but the potential investors just expect to see you outline your plan. And if you have the financial knowledge to make this plan work. Stay cool, you can count on our help – we’ll help you explain your economic plan here.


Investment use

Last, but not least, you need to clearly articulate what you need from the potential investors. What’s equally important, you need to justify your ask. You know, it’s about building trust and making the audience take you seriously. A pro-tip – keep it real and cover your bases. Show that you know what to do with the funds and what exactly you’re planning to spend them on. We’ll help you out to be strategic here, so you don’t lose your chance by aiming too high or not presenting what the funds will be used for.

What you’ll get?

Of course, you will get a presentation. But you will receive a lot more – our expert knowledge and pro-tips, that will help you stand out from your competitors. A pitch deck is not just a couple of professionally crafted slides. A perfect pitch deck is also about knowing how to present the slides. Look, the audience can read – so the key is how you implement a compelling narrative.

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