Product Discovery

Product that perfectly
suits the needs of users

Discovery Workshops

Details are important, but does your team see the big picture? You know, it’s easy to underestimate the development costs or to release a product that has no market potential. There are millions of apps that fail to meet the users’ needs. Discovery workshops help eliminate these key problems. Don’t waste the potential of your vision.

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Product Strategy

A change starts with a vision. Once the creative spark is lit, you need a plan. We mean a rock-solid plan, as you have to define the way in which your business is going to achieve the set goals. The product strategy sets the direction for product development – it’s vital for the success. Good news – we know the tools of the trade in that field.

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Pitch Deck

There’s one thing you need before we can start bringing your vision to life. And that is money. You need to tell your product’s story in a brief and compelling way. Hey, we know that funds are crucial, so you can use our knowledge and experience to create a pitch deck that will get you the budget for growing your business.

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UX Audit

A seamless, ultimate experience for your users is what your product needs to deliver. We will help you with that – we will conduct a 360-degree heuristic evaluation of your product’s UX. It’s all in the details – even the low-hanging fruits have an impact on the drop rate. We have the eagle eye skill for details.

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Analytics Audit

We will help you find the common issues and better understand your customers’ journey. We will meticulously check the core areas and prepare a full report with recommendations. You will receive valuable information that will help you improve your app and boost your ROI.

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