Healthcare Solutions

Each month our software generates about 500 000 tasks for care givers.
Using our apps you can order a doctor like you do with Uber.

Healthcare apps seem to become more and more popular. It is largely due to the fact that they can significantly increase productivity of healthcare professionals in pretty much all areas of medical care such as hospital care, long term care (LTC), doctor home visits, etc.

Health application development requires not only technical skills of experienced devs but also a deep understanding of specific characteristics of the medical environment. At itCraft we have the necessary experience because we have designed and build very successful healthcare apps.

Below you will find some of the healthcare apps we have created.


An average long-term care facility with 100 patients would generate 1,500 tasks daily, that’s 550,000 per annum. All of these tasks – and their subsequent activity – are recorded in the system.

Supracare is a long term care app that increases security of medical procedures and improves productivity of medical staff thanks to clearly and precisely defined tasks. Supracare is a web system that allows task and staff management and mobile app used for reporting.

  • Enables data driven decisions
  • Automatic generation of tasks for medical staff
  • Easy monitoring of task completion
  • Optimisation of work
  • Possibility of taking data based decisions regarding patients
  • Can be implemented in any long term care institution
  • work optimisation
  • data driven decisions
  • electronic documentation
  • benchmarking
  • lux med – bupa group
  • long term care

Homedoctor is a Uber type app that links patients with doctors who are willing to take home visits. Using geolocation, it allows patients to find a doctor nearest to their home and schedule a home visit. has been built as three separate apps: one for the patient, one for the doctor and one for the call centre. It can be used on desktops (via web app) or on mobile devices (via mobile app).

  • Artificial intelligence algorithms automatically distributing visits between doctors in optimal way
  • Allows real-time communication between patients and doctors
  • Doctors arrive within 60 after scheduling the visit
  • Finding a doctor takes up to maximum several seconds
  • Easy payments – on-line system for credit card payments / money transfers
  • uber like model
  • ordering visits
  • ai planning
  • arrival in 60 min.
  • work when you want
  • doctors app
  • patients app

Family Portal

Family Portal is a modern online platform that enables communication between LTC patients’ families and medical staff.

Relatives of LTC patients can monitor procedures and tasks performed as part of the Individual Care Plans. Additionally, they can consult medical and care staff as well as order additional services on-line. Family Portal works with our solution SupraCare as well as other LTC systems.

  • Enables communication between LTC patients’ families and medical & care staff
  • Easy monitoring of all procedures & tasks performed
  • Allows ordering additional services
  • chat
  • communication
  • transparency
  • modern ltc


SZIPO in Polish stands for Individual Care Plans Management System.

When this state-of-the-art system was built, it was the first of its kind in Poland. SZIPO supports work organisation, verification, monitoring and productivity evaluation in long term care centres. SZIPO consists of three elements: web application that acts as central database for all centres, desktop application for operational management and mobile device application for reporting.

In SZIPO has received the „Leader of Change in Health Protection” award.

  • Preparation and implementation of individual care plans for patients
  • Task management (time of completion, time of duration, number of people required to complete task, etc.)
  • Long term care centres management
  • Tools for team communication
  • facility benchmarking
  • custom solution
  • optimisation of process
  • erp integration
  • icp methodology